جدول انگلیسی

1. a place where you can see wild animals in cages or behind fences.
2. the number 0.
3. the tenth month of the christain year.
4. the part of a day.
5. a person who acts in films.
6. Emam Khomeini spent the 15 years of his life in…
7. usual and ordinary.
8. funny.
9. not put in or do something. deleting.
10. not different. Comparable.
11. a gas in the air.
12. a game for two or four players.
13. a pot that you put cut flowers in.
14. go from one place to another.
15. the back part of your foot.
16. home. mansion.
17. put numbers together.
18. large pieces of paper with news and other things. journal.
19. for what reason.
20. two pieces of bread with other food between them.
21. an area of land with its own people and government. Kingdom.