جدول انگلیسی

1. the day before today.

2. with the colour of a lemon.

3. a piece of work that you must do.

4. a word that you use with another verb when you are saying ,not,.

5. not old.

6. following. something.

7. something. often bad, that happens by chance.

8. buy and sell things.

9. not cooked.

10. a time when you learn something whit a teacher.

11. the religious city in the iran.

12. one or any.

13. all the people in the world.

14. a paper that you must buy to go into cinema.

15. not working.

16. TV friend!

17. make music whit your voice.

18. consume. drink.

19. not long after now.

20. a large numer of things.

21. hello!

22. looking for. seeking.

23. plural of man.

24. A fire is… .

25. also. thus.

26. use your mind.

27. a round vegetable with a strong taste.

28. a time in the past.

29. examination. experiment.